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    Antimicrobial Protection for People, Facilities & Brands

    Who are we?

    Operating in New Zealand and Australia, Clear Facilities is a leader in the field of antimicrobial protection and provides products and services to some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations.


    By preventing and controlling harmful pathogens in critical business environments, our innovative products and services deliver solutions to protect people, facilities and brands.


    We focus on results-driven solutions that create safer, healthier work environments - better places to do business.


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    What is antimicrobial protection?

    Clear Facilities has been delivering antimicrobial protection services to major New Zealand organisations for over 5 years, using our exclusive Clear Protect range of products.


    Quite simply, antimicrobial protection is the control of harmful pathogens (or ‘germs’) in facilities. This includes the spread of germs within facilities, and between people and staff.


    A Clear Protect program can be thought of as an invisible shield providing an extra layer of protection for your organisation.


    Benefits to businesses include:

    • Protection (protecting staff and facilities against illness)
    • Managing Risk & Business Continuity (reducing risk around events that could cause business disruption, such as Covid-19)
    • Employee Health & Wellbeing (supporting other health and wellbeing initiatives - flu shots, healthy eating, fitness programs etc.)
    • Absenteeism (reducing absenteeism resulting from illness)