• Covid-19 Services

    24/7 Outbreak Response - New Zealand Nationwide

    Our Expertise

    A proven track record responding to outbreaks

    For over 5 years, Clear Protect Group has offered a 24/7 service for dealing with serious outbreaks of illness. As the most experienced company in New Zealand offering these services, we have successfully responded to Covid-19 cases, influenza, measles, MRSA, whooping cough and norovirus outbreaks.

    Antimicrobial Protection Services

    Reactive or preventative programs

    We offer services both preventatively and reactively – dealing with a specific event such as a localised outbreak of illness (for example norovirus) or responding to epidemic or pandemic situations (for example, the recent measles outbreak) or the current Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).


    Our outbreak response service includes rapid scheduling of people and resources, project management, health and safety preparations, site treatments and lab testing and reporting.

  • Tailored Service Solutions

    Clear Protect Group uses a range of antimicrobial sanitising and coating technologies that provide long lasting protection against bacteria, viruses and mould.


    By identifying areas of risk within your organisation we can design and implement preventative service programs that are completely unique to your business.

  • Testing & Reporting

    Clear Protect Group is setting new standards for transparency and accountability. Our testing, auditing and reporting procedures enable us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our services and provide evidence we are achieving the results we are committed to.


    Our suite of testing, auditing and reporting procedures includes ATP testing, staff absenteeism monitoring and environmental testing through independent, internationally recognised laboratories.